5LINX Review – Can You Market Online?

5LINX Review

5LINXThis 5LINX review shows you that it is possible to market online.  Many members in 5LINX struggle with finding people to join their business. Stop struggling to find people and see how to utilize the internet to build your business.


Call All Your Friends And Family


When I first joined I was told to go through all of the training in the virtual office.  That took me about 3 weeks to do.  After I finished that my upline told me to make a list of all my friends and family and to start calling them.  My only job was to find a reason why they needed to make more money and then peek their interest.  After I peeked their interest I needed to get my upline in contact with them.

At first I thought that it seemed really easy and I could do it.  So I went out and called everyone that I had ever known.  Do you know what happened?  No body was interested.  I was disappointed because I don’t think anyone likes the feeling of getting rejected.  But I had an even bigger problem.  My list was finished.  I didn’t have anyone else to call.

I didn’t know what else to do at this point.  I was confused.  I called my upline and he said that he use to go out to the malls and try and talk to people in the Kiosk stands.  I said, “ok.”  I’ll give that a try.

My wife and I started to get ready to go out to the malls and hand out flyers and talk to people.  We even bought the name tags and everything.  Then something hit me.  You know that moment when you think there has got to be a better way?  That’s what I had.

Can I Market 5LINX Online?


This was the question I asked myself.  I thought this day-in-age there has got to be a way to market this business on the internet.  Billions of people are on the internet.  Why should I go to the mall when I could reach billions of people right from my computer.

The first thing I ended up searching for was 5LINX Craigslist ads to see if anyone had been posting those online.  Right after this search was when my whole journey changed course.

I found that this business can be marketed online even though 5LINX doesn’t really give you any guidance on how to do it.  I ended up learning a way to market this business by having people actually contact me.  Doesn’t that sound awesome?  I mean, you don’t have to go out and try and get strangers to join your business.  You could actually have people that are already interested in network marketing contacting you ready to join.

Once I realized that this was an option I couldn’t even understand why people would do it any other way.  If your upline is telling you that you are going to have to make a list of your friends and family, don’t do it.  Wouldn’t you rather have people contacting you?  This process is called attraction marketing and it is a lot more fun and makes this business more enjoyable.

I wish you the best of luck in 5LINX if you choose to go for it.  It’s a good company with a good product.  Take care and God bless.


By: Oliver Carlin

CEO Optimal Trend



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